About the Centre for Sustainable Futures

The Centre for Sustainable Futures (CSF) is committed to research that supports a green transition of society. CSF’s overall ambition is to generate and disseminate humanities-based research on climate change, socio-environmental crises, and loss of biodiversity. And through this research, brought into conversations within and beyond the Humanities and Academia, to engage in imagining and promoting sustainable futures.     

Centre profile

The centre builds on the premise that humans and environments are always already inseparably intertwined. Accordingly, ‘nature-cultures’ conceived as historically, spatially and culturally specific conjunctions are the central object of study for CSF, whatever the scale, place, time, or scholarly discipline we engage.

While the premise of intertwinement of humans and environments locates the centre’s activities squarely within the field of environmental humanities, it also points to the need for robust interdisciplinary collaboration with the natural sciences. CSF activities are essentially aimed at further developing and disseminating environmental humanities, both as a research agenda to advance interdisciplinary scholarship on green transition and as a response to a public concern for sustainability.