Two ethnological PhD-project presentations on Agricultural Practices: In the Past and Now

In her PhD project "Practicing Alternative Futures: Mobilizing through Permaculture in Times of Ecological Crises", Josefine Sarkez-Knudsen investigates social responses to the climate crisis, and focuses on how permaculture is used as a mobilizing force among small farmers and garden owners in Zealand, Denmark, and in southern Sweden. Using ethnographic examples, she examines how permaculturists strive to restore and re-enchant the ecological systems they care for and are a part of.

If we are what we eat, we all belong to the fossil people. Fossil fuels lubricate the journey of food from seed in the field to food on our dinner tables. In his PhD project “Sleepless Land, Fossil People: How the Peasants Turned Cannibalistic in Scandinavia” Simon Halberg investigates how we became the fossil people through a peasant-ethnological study of the origins of sugar production in Scandinavia. At this seminar he will present some analyses of the landscapes that the fossil farmers have created in their own image.

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